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Serosep is a manufacturer of laboratory diagnostic solutions

Serosep Diagnostic Solutions

The knowledge and experience gained over the years of manufacturing and distributing to clinical laboratories has allowed Serosep to understand and appreciate the struggles and restraints faced by laboratories on a daily base.

Serosep developed a reputation as an innovative company that was constantly seeking to improve the lives of its customers by offering easy to use diagnostic lab solutions

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Serosep Ltd. designs lab solutions with highly qualified scientists who are leaders in their field

Serosep's timeline

1997 - 2004
2004 - 2010
2010 - 2013
Serosep Limited is formed
Serosep Limited is founded in Limerick Ireland. Serosep begins life as distributor of laboratory diagnostic products. The manufacture of HistoPot®, Biopsy Fixation Solutions for Histopathology begins. Precision water chemistry reagents are launched. Development of EnterBio® faecal/stool pathogen test kit for bacteria begins.
EntericBio is launched
EntericBio Strip based faecal/stool pathogen kit is launched, 24 hour test. Fully automated production line installed for high volume production of HistoPot® to cope with increased demand for the product. Began life as distributor of laboratory diagnostic products.
Gastro Panel 1 diagnostic kit
Serosep launched their first EntericBio® realtime Gastro Panel 1 diagnostic kit to detect Salmonella, Campylobacter, Shigella and VTEC (Verotoxin-producing Escherichia coli) within three hours. EntericBio® becomes routinely used in many clinical microbiology laboratories throughout Ireland 75% of samples are tested using EntericBio® in Ireland. Serosep Ltd launch HistoPot® Mini.
EntericBio market entry
EntericBio® gains market entry into Northern Ireland and UK. NHS Northern Ireland award a multi-site three year tender, supplying Craigavon Area Hospital, Antrim and Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast. EntericBio® is awarded major UK contracts with NHS Hospitals. An estimated 85% of clinical microbiology laboratories in Ireland now using EntericBio® real time assay Gastro Panel 2 and EntericBio® C. Difficile in routine use.
Routine use worldwide
Customers began enjoying benefits of rapid detection in 3 hours, no pipetting, no DNA extraction. EntericBio® becomes routinely used in Holland and New Zealand laboratories. Building work commences for new state of the art laboratories at Serosep Ltd. R&D begins for the development of the next panel for EntericBio® realtime Gastro Panel 3.
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Our commitment to growth

Serosep Ltd has always been interested in innovation even from its early days. We are constantly investing in our manufacturing and production facilities. We are committed to improvement and developemt of world class products and innovations. Click below to view our manufacturing facilities in our headquarters in Limerick, Ireland

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