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About Serosep

In 1997, Serosep Ltd. began distributing diagnostics solutions for Clinical Microbiology, Histopathology and Environmental Laboratories. The knowledge and experience gained over years of manufacturing and distributing to clinical laboratories has allowed Serosep Ltd to understand and appreciate the daily struggles and restraints faced by laboratories on a daily basis.

Serosep very early developed a reputation as an innovative company that was constantly seeking to improve the lives of its customers by offering easy to use diagnostic solutions. Today, Serosep is a thriving company with a constantly expanding workforce and its products are sold across five continents and boasts sales in 35 countries worldwide.

Serosep Workforce

All employees have a wealth of commercial experience with majority of staff holding a third level qualification in their area of expertise. The workforce in Serosep Ltd is highly trained, skilled and enthusiastic about assisting our customers worldwide. Serosep has developed a reputation for identifying and recruiting some of the best scientific minds from within the diagnostic markets it serves.

Technical Support

Serosep Ltd takes great pride in the technical support and assistance we provide to customers. Each of our sectors has a dedicated technical and engineering support team both in the field and office based, ensuring availability at all times for the customer. Our success is as a result of having an enthusiastic and dedicated technical support.

Technical Support with Serosep

Clinical Microbiology - Molecular Diagnostic Products

EntericBio boxes with Serosep

EntericBio® is a test that revolutionises the standard test for faecal/stool pathogens such as bacteria, parasites and viruses. EntericBio provides same day results direct from faecal pathogen/stool pathogen.

1. No DNA extraction
2. No manual pipetting steps
3. Rapid results within 3 hours

Histopathology - Biopsy Tissue Fixation

Serosep Ltd have been providing a solution for safe and reliable transportation of biopsy samples since 1997.
HistoPot® and HistoPot Mini® are a world-wide brand recognised for its safety and reliability for transport of critical histopathological samples. Today Serosep exports HistoPot® to over 30 countries worldwide.



Offering an ideal solution for biopsy tissue fixation.
1. Customised Fixation Formulation, Labels and Containers
2. No more pouring Hazardous Chemicals
3. 15 years Manufacturing Experience
4. Dedicated Customer Service
5. Dedicated Export Representative

Biopsy Fixation with Serosep

Environmental Analysis - Ready to use Water Chemistry Reagents and Standards

Precision® is a range of ready to use Water Chemistry Reagents that are used in discrete water chemistry analysis worldwide. Precision® chemistry reagents are stabilised allowing for up to twelve months storage and peace of mind for the Analyst/Environmental Scientist.

Precision® Reagents and Standard include the following:

T.O.N (Total Organic Nitrite)
Chromium (VI)

Serosep Key Staff

Serosep Ltd is continuously expanding its workforce. All employees have either strong industrial and commercial experience with majority of staff having third level qualifications. Serosep Ltd has also developed a strategy for hiring innovative and talented scientists.

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