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Commitment to Education

Highly Qualified employees

Seroseps Commitment to Education

Serosep sponsors third level institutions with programs of excellence leading to student awards. Education is something Serosep feels very passionate about and has a long term commitment to student sponsorship. A number of staff have previously received an achievement award sponsored by Serosep.
Serosep understands that education is important from an early age and affords transition year students who have an interest in science an opportunity to gain some experience. Serosep is proud of its commitment to the promotion of science based subjects in the educational curriculum.

Local Community

Local Community with Serosep


Serosep has sponsored a number of local rugby and soccer clubs e.g. Regional United F.C. The local community is very important to Serosep, and the company understands how local clubs and associations play a vital role in bringing communities together and we are delighted to be sponsors of these teams.


Goal Charity with Serosep

Serosep Key Staff

Serosep is continuously expanding its workforce. All employees have either strong clinical and commercial experience. Serosep has also developed a strategy for hiring innovative and talented scientists.

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