Research & Development

Pushing back boundaries

Over twenty years ago, we established Serosep with the aim of providing better diagnostic solutions for Clinical Microbiology, Histopathology and Environmental Laboratories. This vision continues to our ever-growing team with a constant and total focus on pushing back the boundaries of what is both available and achievable provides the platform for our research, development and innovation activities.


Precision stabilised reagents and standards were developed in 2003. These ready to use reagents were the first commercial reagents to be used in discrete water chemistry analysers in the world that provided stability for twelve months.


In 2009 EntericBio was one of the first commercial assays to be developed which could detect multi pathogens using multiplex PCR. Not satisfied with a 24hour test result, Serosep on Oct 2012 launched EntericBio realtime Gastro Panel 1. This was a truly revolutionary test that reduced the time to result down to 3 hours, using no DNA extraction and no manual pipetting steps.