Chlorine Dioxide
Real-time Decontamination

Serosep Provides a gaseous decontamination service utilizing chlorine dioxide dry gas, providing multiple benefits that overcome frailties of other methodologies. The Clordisys Chlorine Dioxide Dry Gas system was first developed in 2003, Serosep decontamination has since introduced the system to the UK and Ireland as of 2018, the system is a true gas direct alternative to formaldehyde and Vapour Hydrogen Peroxide whilst also having further unique applications.

The Premium Solution for Environmental Decontamination:

  • True Gas
  • Non-Carcinogenic
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Fastest Cycle Time
  • Excellent Penetration
  • Complete Distribution
  • No Measurable Residue
  • Fully Monitored Process
  • 10-6 log reduction of all known organisms.


The Serosep solution

Being a true gas at standard temperature pressure, Chlorine Dioxide harnesses the advantages of the gas laws to provide ultimate penetration, distribution, flexibility and consistency above that of other decontamination methods whilst also being non-cancerous.

The high efficacy of Chlorine Dioxide gas for sterilisation has been well documented for decades, however the ability to harness its potential has been held back by the corrosive nature of previous products that executed crude production of Chlorine Dioxide gas. The Clordisys solution provides the unique ability to produce and input chlorine dioxide dry gas into the target area without acidic by-products. Using this solution, areas and equipment can be sterilised in a non-corrosive, rapid and highly effective nature, in addition to further benefits.

Real-Time Monitoring
and Reporting

Serosep utilizes an automated sampling system that allows concentrations of Chlorine Dioxide to be monitored in real time from all areas being fumigated, ending with a report for process validation (see below), a quality assurance step unique to environmental decontamination. This allows users to have a record of the fumigation process with confirmation that the parameters for sporicidal kill were achieved and the room/isolator is/was safe to use.

Services & Products

On Site Service

Serosep Technicians travel to your site, set up the chlorine dioxide system an d fumigate i.e. for a biannual routine decontamination or reaction to an outbreak.

Contract Sterilization Service

Serosep can decontaminate / sterilize your items, equipment, supplies, and products at our facility and then ship them back to you or your customers.

Automated Chlorine Dioxide products

Automated chlorine dioxide machinery can be purchased and integrated into your facility for automated and routine fumigations. Serosep provides initial and refresher training to staff to use the instrument, whilst also providing technical support from then on.

Bespoke Solutions

Serosep can design a decontamination system and plan to be integrated into buildings/suites, allowing sterilisation to become part of the framework of the building and controlled remotely.

UV products

Serosep have a range of cost-effective UV products as an augmentation to the Chlorine Dioxide system.


1. Health Care & Life Sciences

With the ability to achieved sterilisation level kill across the whole room and all contents, chlorine dioxide is a perfect solution for life sciences and medical solutions. Being scalable, rapid and adaptable, the chlorine dioxide system can turn around hospital rooms within a couple of hours and whole facilities.

Common applications:

  • Outbreak response
  • Establishing sterility after construction
  • Routine preventive maintenance
  • Operating theatre/ patient room sterilisation
  • Recommissioning of laboratories
  • Decommissioning of laboratories

Together with UV products, Chlorine dioxide provides the options for healthcare workers to mitigate and eradicate infectious agents from an area within an afternoon, decreasing ward downtime and bed-blocking whilst also improving patient outcomes.

2. Food Safety and Production

Serosep provides a service to a range of food safety applications, scalable and flexible with the ability to decontaminate anything from individual pieces of equipment in a few minutes to whole facilities(>30,000ft3) in a couple of hours.

Common applications

  • Contamination response and remediation
  • Routine preventive maintenance during shutdowns
  • Establishing sterility after construction
  • Re-establishing sterility between crops/batches
  • Recommissioning and Decommissioning of spaces
  • Rapid sterilisation of equipment e.g. Spiral Freezer

With complete distribution and penetration, Chlorine Dioxide has been successful in minimizing downtime associated with sterilisation, increasing efficiency and efficacy of food manufacturing processes. With no residues or corrosion, equipment can be sterilised repeatedly without corrosion.

3. Pharmaceutical applications

The Serosep system has many practical applications within pharmaceutical practice, allowing increased efficiency and efficacy in comparison with other methods.

Common applications

  • Contamination response and remediation
  • Routine preventive maintenance of isolators (<20 minutes)
  • Routine preventive maintenance of whole clean rooms (<3 hours)
  • Recommissioning and Decommissioning of spaces
  • Inactivation of Beta-lactams
  • Whole Pharmaceutical facility fumigation

Supporting Literature:

  • White Paper
  • Material Compatibility
  • Hospital Room
  • Food safety

4. Amplicon decontamination service

Amplicon contamination can cause a host of issues to all laboratories, causing extensive downtime and increased false positive rates. Although some deep cleaning methods using bleach can be effective, they are corrosive and do not penetrate all areas. A base-pair of DNA has a size on the pico-scale and thus can reach areas of the room not even the smallest viruses can reach. With Chlorine dioxide gas being smaller than even 1 bp of DNA, it can penetrate all those areas. This application is still in development stage, however, due to the in-house success a Beta-service is available.


  • Whole molecular Laboratories within healthcare and academic institutes.
  • Research and development laboratories.
  • Individual PCR, Extraction or NGS instruments.
  • On-site decontamination chambers.


For any queries please contact either:

Simon Rattenbury MSc CBiol CSci FIBMS FRSB
Business unit lead


Number: +447768690473

Rhys Jones PhD MRSB
Senior Decontamination Scientist


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