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Decontamination Services Division

ClorDiSys a world leader in Decontamination Services and Equipment world-wide announces a co-operation agreement with Serosep Ltd.

Why Chlorine Dioxide?

  • True Gas
  • Non-Carcinogenic
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Fastest Cycle Time
  • Excellent Penetration
  • Complete Distribution
  • No Measurable Residue
  • Fully Monitored Process

Why Choose Chlorine Dioxide?

Chlorine dioxide is a True Gas rather than a vapour and as such obeys the natural gas laws. This is important when considering the distribution and penetration of any fumigant.

Gives a 6-log sporicidal reduction in any chamber of any size equal to or better than Formaldehyde.

Importantly unlike Formaldehyde, Chlorine Dioxide is not carcinogenic.

Fast Turnaround time and does not require complicated cycle development.

Room shape or size is not a factor.

Can be used to decontaminate discrete instruments or areas without fumigating the entire room.

Can provide a fully monitored and certified process.

No Measurable Residue.

Dioxide Properties

Yellow-Green Gas (Concentration measured and controlled using a spectrophotometer).

Water Soluble, Boiling Point 11°C, Molecular Weight 67.5.

A dry process that requires no mixing of chemicals.


Non-Corrosive so is safe to use with sensitive electronic equipment

  • Does NOT dissociate in water
  • Does NOT hydrolyse in water
  • Does NOT react with water
  • Does NOT form hydrochloric acid

Standard Sterilisation Cycle

Preconditioning: Relative humidity increased ~65% and checked for leaks

Conditioning: Hold period; dwell time for spore

Charging ClO2: Generated & delivered @ 1mg-5mg/L

Controlled: Checks and adjusts level of ClO2 (average cycle time 1 hour)

Aeration: Finish (Normally 15-20 air changes)