Manufacturing excellence in biopsy sample containers

Serosep Xylene

Serosep Alcohol

  • 99% IMS
  • 96% IMS
  • 70% IMS

Menzel – Glaser

  • Twin Frosted Slides
  • Super Frosted Slides
  • Adhesion Coated Slides
  • Part of Thermo Fisher Scientific


  • Biopsy pads
  • Anatomical Biological Specimen Containers
  • Pap Pen
  • Autopsy Knives


  • Biopsy Cassettes
  • Tissue Cassettes
  • COREDISH (for fine needle biopsy)


  • Coverslips

Biocare Medical

  • Primary Antibodies
  • VP Antibodies
  • IHC Ancillaries


HistoCassette Strips

HistoCassette Promotes Lean Processing in Pre-Loaded Strips and Sleeves. For processing and embedding of small-medium-large histological specimens.


HistoWax, Polymer Added

HistoWax is a highly purified paraffin wax with added synthetic polymers suitable for all general embedding and sectioning use. Characterised by low shrinkage on cooling, excellent sectioning performance with no expansion, superb cutting ease and ribbon continuity.

Also available from Serosep:

Serosep now manufacture Scott’s Tap Water and Acid Alcohol in our accredited facilities.