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About our Laboratory Diagnostic Solutions

Serosep’s experience in Laboratory Diagnostics goes back to 1997 when Serosep started as a distributor providing diagnostic solutions for Clinical Microbiology, Immunology, Serology and Haematology Laboratories.

In 1998 Serosep began distributing for Rosco Diagnostics and a year later became an exclusive distributor in Ireland for Euroimmun, a manufacturer of Autoimmune, Infectious Diseases and Allergies diagnostic equipment and assays. Serosep was then appointed distributor for Bio-Rad Laboratories and Alifax distributing into the Irish market. Serosep is constantly looking to work with new innovative partners.

Serosep offers a range of solutions for laboratory diagnostics from a number of reputable manufacturers, including:

Our Clients

Serosep offers a range of solutions for laboratory diagnostics from a number of reputable manufacturers, including:

Altona Diagnostics (Ireland )

The team at Altona Diagnostics has released several of the world´s first commercially available real-time PCR tests detecting human infectious diseases. Altona Diagnostics offers a broad range of complete, CE-IVD marked real-time PCR kits with focus on emerging pathogens.

Axon Lab

Specialists in microbiology, pharmaceutics, chemicals and engineering.

Product include the ColorAX2 Gram Stainer, NaCl tube solutions, StorAX range – stool transport solutions, UrinAX – Screening solution for urine infections and iColo test for blood detection in stools

Bruker – Hain Lifesciences (Ireland and NI)

Microbiological test systems that enable you to obtain definitive molecular-biological proof of pathogens and their resistances including the world recognised Mycobacteria product series.

Bio-Rad Laboratories (Ireland and NI)

Bio-Rad is a global leader in developing and manufacture of clinical microbiology diagnostic products. Serosep distributes Bio-Rad’s Clinical Microbiology Product Range which includes; Chromogenic culture media (MRSASelect II Agar, CandiSelect Agar, SaSelect Agar, StrepBSelect Agar, UriSelect4 Agar and VRESelect Agar) Pastorex Staph Plus, Strep, & Meningitis Kits.

CORIS BioConcept (Ireland and NI)

Coris BioConcept specializes in developing and manufacturing rapid diagnostic kits for the detection of human respiratory and gastro-enteric infectious pathogens (bacteria, viruses and parasites) and for the detection of antibiotic resistance markers (RESIST range).

Exact Diagnostics (Ireland and NI)

A molecular standards and controls company offering verification panels and daily run controls to ensure consistent results.

Medline Scientific Limited (Ireland and NI)

Laboratory transport swabs for sample collection, maintenance and transport prior to culture for bacteria and fungi. Including transport Swabs – Amies Charcoal Transport Swab and Amies Clear Swabs


PathoNostics offers multiplex real-time PCR assays for the diagnosis of superficial and invasive fungal infections as well as the identification of multi-azole resistance. PathoNostics offers a range of diagnostic real-time PCR kits for the detection of fungal infections. This leads to rapid detection of disease-causing fungus and simultaneously identify antifungal resistance, allowing clinicians to initiate a dedicated and timely therapy and save on costs and lives.

PathoFinder (UK only)

PathoFinder offers a range of panel assays for syndrome-based molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases. Our state-of-the-art multiplex PCR technologies enable rapid detection and identification of multiple human pathogens in clinical specimens.


PCL COVID 19 Ag Gold is an in vitro diagnostic medical device based on immunochromatographic assay (ICA) principle for the qualitive detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigens in human saliva and nasopharyngeal specimens.

The test is used to detect antigens of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in people suspected of COVID-19. This product is intended exclusively for professional use in the laboratory or at point-of-care.

ROSCO Diagnostica (Ireland and NI)

Providing products for the identification of bacteria and susceptibility testing.

SpeeDx Pty Ltd

SpeeDx specialises in molecular diagnostic solutions that go beyond simple detection to offer comprehensive information for improved patient management. Product portfolios focus on multiplex diagnostics for sexually transmitted infection (STI), antibiotic resistance markers, and respiratory disease.

Surescreen Diagnostics (Ireland and NI)

One of the leading providers of drug and healthcare rapid test products – Blood Glucose, Drug Testing, Pregnancy Testing, Urinalysis, Alcohol Testing.

ThermoFisher – Trek Diagnostic (Ireland and NI)

Thermo Scientific™ Sensititre™ ID/AST System includes a full range of standard and custom MIC plates. Confidently identify bacterial pathogens and detect emerging antibiotic resistance with the gold-standard level accuracy of broth microdilution coupled with time-saving benefits of automation to optimize patient care, support antimicrobial stewardship, and improve lab efficiency.

TimerTag (Ireland and UK)

Point of care alerts for monitoring of catheters, IV’s, oral hygiene and dressings.