Environmental Analysis Ready to use Water Chemistry Reagents and Standards

Precision stabilised reagents and standards were developed in 2003. These ready to use reagents were the first commercial reagents to be used in discrete water chemistry analysers in the world that provided stability for twelve months.

The ideal solution to environment analysis

  • Off the shelf convenience
  • Shelf-life stability minimum of 12 months
  • Automated reading of the bar code label for reagent identification and on-board stability delivers speed and efficiency

Innovation of precision reagents

Precision® stabilised reagents and standards were developed in 2003. These ready to use reagents were the first commercial reagents to be used in discrete water chemistry analysers in the world that provided stability for twelve months.

Serosep pioneered the introduction of fully automated Water Chemistry Discrete Analysers in Ireland in 1999. As many laboratories began to avail of the new automation they still were burdened with the tedious task of manufacturing, quality control and testing of their in house water chemistry reagents.

In 2003 Serosep launched precision range of water chemistry reagents and standards. The new range of ready to use, quality controlled and tested reagents offered Environmental Laboratories improved efficiency and convenience.

The use of Precision® Reagents and Standards will allow for increased productivity and efficiency increasing quality and confidence. This is cost effective method complying with GLP regulations.

Environmental team

Stabilised Water Chemistry Reagants and Standards

Benefits of Precision® Reagents and Standards

  • Ready to use – allowing full automation
  • Standardised Reagents Formulations (Elimination of errors)
  • Quality Certificates for each batch
  • Convenient Pack Sizes
  • Reagents and standards are stable for 12 months (Enhanced Stability v’s Manual Preparation)
  • Barcoded – easy transfer of vital information
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001
  • Reagents are ISO15923-1 compliant
  • Transfer of vital information complying with GLP regulations
  • Reagent Identification
  • Reagent Volume
  • Expiry Date
  • Lot Number

Precision Product Range

Precision Ready to Use Reagents are manufactured, packaged and stored in controlled refrigeration on site in Limerick, Ireland allowing for a high-speed turnaround time on orders placed, orders received before 1.00pm are despatched next day, providing an excellent service to our many customers.

Serosep practices and efficiencies allow us to offer a competitive price to our direct customers in Ireland and our distribution network worldwide.

To provide the ‘complete package solution’ to colorimetric nutrient analysis, Serosep supply Calibration Standards.

We supply single component 1000mg/l in either 100ml or 500ml sizes with ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation.

Alternatively, we can also supply further ISO 17034 accredited Standards for further confidence in stability and homogeneity.

These are available as single component and in 100ml sizes.

Product NameProduct CodePack sizeTests Per KitShelf Life (Months)
Chloride XLKR101-16x60ml225024
Chloride LKR101-220x20ml250024
Sulphate XLKR102-16x60ml450012
(Nitrate) TON 1KR103-51x125ml138818
(Nitrate) TON 2KR104-04x20ml76118
(Nitrate) TON 2LKR104-220x20ml381018
(Nitrate) TON 2XLKR104-16x60ml342818
(Nitrate/Nitrite) TON 3KR105-04x20ml114218
(Nitrate/Nitrite) TON 3XLKR105-16x60ml514218
(Nitrate/Nitrite) TON 3KR105-220x20ml571418
Phosphate 1KR106-04x20ml137918
Phosphate 1LKR106-220x20ml689618
Phosphate 1XLKR106-16x60ml620618
Phosphate 2KR107-04x20ml250012
Ammonium 1KR108-01x125ml208312
Ammonium 2KR109-04x20ml133312
Alkalinity 1KR111-04x20ml80018
Alkalinity 2KR112-04x20ml72718
Chromium VIKR113-04x20ml200024
Silicate 1KR114-04x20ml80018
Silicate 2KR115-04x20ml133318
Silicate 3KR116-04x20ml133312
Saline/SW Silica R1KR128-04x20ml57146
Saline/SW Silica R2KR129-04x20ml57146
Saline/SW Silica R3KR130-04x20ml57146
Total Hardness 1KR117-04x20ml88812
Total Hardness 2KR118-04x20ml80012
Total Hardness 3KR119-04x20ml400012
Ferrous Iron 1KR125-04x20ml200012
Ferrous Iron 2KR126-04x20ml88912
Fluoride R1KR131-04x20ml228512
Fluoride R2KR132-04x20ml307612
Fluoride R3KR133-04x20ml228512

All our Precision Ready to Use Reagents are manufactured under ISO 9001

KS201Ammonium Standard 1000ppm as NH4500ml100ml
KS202Chloride Standard 1000ppm500ml100ml
KS203Nitrite Standard 1000ppm as NO2500ml100ml
KS204Nitrite Standard 10000ppm as N500ml100ml
KS205Nitrate (TON) Standard 1000ppm as NO3500ml100ml
KS206Nitrate (TON) Standard 1000ppm as N500ml100ml
KS207Phosphate Standard 1000ppm as PO4500ml100ml
KS208Sulphate Standard 1000ppm500ml100ml
KS209Ammonium Standard 1000ppm as N500ml100ml
KS210Phosphate Standard 1000ppm as P500ml100ml
KS211Hardness Standard 1000ppm as CaCO3500ml100ml
KS213Chromium Standard 1000ppm as Cr500ml100ml
KS214Silica Standard 1000ppm500ml100ml
KS215Manganese Standard 1000ppm500ml100ml
KS216Fluoride 100mg/l100ml100ml
KS217Alkalinity 1000mg/l expressed as CaCO3100ml100ml
KS218Alkalinity 1000mg/l expressed as HCO3100ml100ml

Quality Assurance

Compliance with Reference Methods

Precision Ready to Use Reagents are fully compliant with ISO 15923-1:2013 Water Quality –

Determination of ions by a discrete analysis system and spectrophotometric detection – Part 1: Ammonium, Chloride, Nitrate, Nitrite, Orthophosphate, Silicate and Sulfate.

Additional European, U.S and U.K method references that Serosep Precision Ready to Use Reagents are compliant with;


  • EPA Method 325.1
  • Standard Methods Cl-4500 Cl E


  • EPA Method 353.1
  • Standard Methods 4500-NO3- H


  • EPA Method 354.1
  • Standard Methods 4500-NO3-H


  • EPA Method 365.1
  • Standard Methods 4500 P-E


  • EPA Method 370.1
  • Standard Methods 4500 Si D

Silicate – Saline/Seawater Low Level

  • EPA Method 370.1 (Low modification)
  • Standard Methods 4500-SiO2 D Heteropoly Blue.


  • EPA Method 375.4

Total Hardness

  • EPA Method 130.1
  • UK SCA Blue Book Methods for the Examination of Waters. Total Hardness, Calcium Hardness and Magnesium Hardness in Raw and Potable Waters by EDTA 1981 Tentative methods ISBN 0117516007

Chromium VI

  •  SW-846 Method 7196A
  • Standard Methods 3500-Cr D


  • EPA Method 340.3
  • Standard Methods WW F- 4500-F-E
  • UK SCA Blue Book Methods for the Examination of Waters and Associated Material. Fluoride in Waters, Effluents, Sludges, Plants and Soils 1982 ISBN 0117516627