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Histopot - Innovation for the fixation of tissue samples

HistoPot mini for Needle Biopsy Fixation

Histopot Mini

HistoPot mini is used for fine needle biopsy fixation. In the past Histology and Pathology laboratories have had to use large pre-filled specimen containers for fixation of fine needle biopsy samples. This practice has posed major difficulties retrieving the minute samples for needle biopsy investigation.

HistoPot Polycube - All your Fixation Requirements from one Supplier


HistoPot polycube is the latest addition to the HistoPot range of sample containers. The Polycubes are packed in an easy-to-store stackable cube with a durable high - density polyethylene container. The 10L and 20L Polycubes offer all HistoPot users the same source of formalin throughout the histopathology process.




Every unit comes with a tap for easy dispensing which allows users to top-up smaller HistoPot pre-fills or fill their tissue processors with the same formalin that has been used for the fixation.

Improved Visualisation of Transparent Biopsies

Visualisation Technology

Serosep has developed HistoPot with Sample Visualisation Technology. This proprietary technology allows the Pathologist/Laboratory Technician to easily visualise any needle size transparent biopsy sample that has been placed into the fixative.


This technology will not affect any of the steps in the Histological process and just attaches to the surface of the biopsy for visualisation purposes.