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The Evolution of the Histopot Tissue Fixation Products

Serosep first began manufacturing formalin based fixatives in 1999. This was a period in Ireland when it was customary for each Histopathology Laboratory to make their own fixatives.

Serosep was the first company to convince the local market of the benefits of purchasing ready to use fixatives. Today almost all the Histopathology Laboratories in Ireland now use fixatives manufactured by Serosep.

A range of ready to use fixatives, pre-filled in a variety of specimen containers was launched by Serosep in 2000. This product went on to be called ‘HistoPot’.

Buoyed by its success in the local market, Serosep began exporting, ready to use fixatives to a host of other markets.

Today HistoPot is synonymous with biopsy tissue fixation and is sold through a network of dedicated distributors worldwide in over 30 countries.