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Rapid pathogen screening for microbiology labs

EntericBio realtime tests for the detection of enteric pathogens directly from stool samples
No DNA Extraction
No manual pipetting steps
Rapid results within 3 hours

EntericBio realtime rapid pathogen screening

1Resuspend sample and
release DNA
The faecal sample is re-suspended in EntericBio realtime SPS solution.
This solution has been designed to enable PCR processing direct from the stool sample.
2Automated transfer of sample into the PCR well
Using unique lyophilisation
technology, all PCR reagents necessary to carry out the test are pre-aliquoted and freeze dried into each test well.
3Automated pathogen
Following amplification positive samples are identified automatically using the EntericBio realtime programme.
Committed to quality standards in our manufacturing and distribution.
Serosep Quality Assurance Certs
Quality Assurance
EntericBio Realtime Boxes

Developed by Medical Scientists
for Medical Scientists

EntericBio timeline

EntericBio R&D started
Began development of EntericBio faecal/stool pathogen test kit for bacteria. EntericBio Strip based faecal/stool pathogen kit is launched, 24 hour test. EntericBio strip based assay was the first truly multiplexed PCR assay that was used commercially for routine detection of faecal/stool pathogens.
Gastro Panel 1 diagnostic kit
October 2012 launched first EntericBio realtime Gastro Panel 1 diagnostic kit to detect Salmonella, Campylobacter, Shigella and VTEC (Verotoxin-producing Escherichia coli) within three hours. The new improved test provided results within 3hrs v’s 24hrs using the older EntericBio strip based assay.
Serosep UK is formed
Serosep UK is formed, a fully owned subsidiary based in Gatwick, UK. The Royal Free Hospital, London becomes first UK based laboratory to routinely use EntericBio real time assay.

EntericBio becomes routinely used in many clinical microbiology labs throughout Ireland 75% of samples are tested using EntericBio in Ireland.

Market entry into the UK
EntericBio gains market entry into Northern Ireland and UK. NHS Northern Ireland award a multi-site three year tender, supplying Craigavon Area Hospital, Antrim and Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast. EntericBio award major UK contracts with NHS Hospitals.
Routine use worldwide
EntericBio becomes routinely used in Holland and New Zealand laboratories. Building work commences for new state of the art laboratories at Serosep. R&D begins for the development of the next panel for EntericBio realime Gastro Panel 3.

The EntericBio realtime team

Serosep is continuously expanding its workforce. All employees have strong clinical and commercial experience. Serosep has also developed a strategy for hiring innovative and talented scientists.

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