Mar 10, 2022
A Breath of Fresh Air!

Serosep are delighted to be working with Airtopia to bring improved indoor air quality to all your work environments!

Niche IFA and The Halfway Llanelli have both just finished their trial period with our CO2 Minders and are now operating at best practice when it comes to ventilation, doing their best to reduce infection risk to staff and clients.

Niche IFA have enjoyed how the traffic light system of the CO2 monitor conveyed very simply when the CO2 levels within the office were changing for the worst – especially if the office had a lot of people working internally that day or if there were back to back meetings in a particular room.  Check out Niche IFA to see exactly how they got on!

The Halfway Llanelli had been looking for something to improve indoor air quality and mitigate the risk of infection for customers and staff following the pandemic.  They too have loved having the simple traffic light system in place to highlight times when infection is increasing.  According to @Robert Nangalia at The Halfway, the “most impressive bit has been the ongoing support, thanks to Serosep’s assessment service”.   You can read more about Roberts assessment here.

Regardless of your industry, Serosep are here to support you in providing a safe and clean air environment for all your staff, clients or visitors

For more information on the CO2 minders click here or contact Serosep on  +44 7399083809 or email us at