Nov 17, 2023
“A Day in the Life” – Series 1


We are absolutely thrilled to unveil the first edition of our “A Day in the Life” series, featuring Christina Lynch, our esteemed colleague here in Serosep.


Witness firsthand the journey Christina has taken from Customer Service to her existing role as a Materials Planner in the Purchasing Department at Serosep.  Christina is such a dedicated and respected member of our team here and her passion for ensuring seamless operations and commitment to excellence resonates deeply within our company.  This exclusive glimpse into her daily routine embodies our commitment to excellence, innovation and customer service.


Thank you so much for taking part Christina 🙏🥰


Head over to our YouTube channel to watch the longer version and hear all about Christinas most memorable day here in Serosep and how having a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C is so important when you work in Supply Chain Management!




Stay tuned for more insightful narratives illuminating the brilliance within our workforce…… Series 2 to follow in the new year!


The Serosep Team