May 3, 2023
UL Launch Interactive Periodic Table

Congratulations to The Chemical Sciences Department at the University of Limerick who have brought science to life by installing a large-scale interactive periodic table display.


This display is the first of its kind in any third-level institution in Ireland, measuring 2.4m x 2m.  It contains pure element samples, minerals, ores, artefacts, and everyday items securely housed within individually lit, encased, 120mm-sided cubes. It also includes an interactive touchscreen that displays interesting facts about each element, descriptions of the contents of each element’s cube, and videos of experiments involving the elements.  The display also features five glass tubes blown in the shape of the first five noble gases’ chemical symbols, filled with the corresponding gas to demonstrate their distinctive colour and intensity when illuminated electronically.


As a previous student of of the University of Limerick, Dermot was delighted to represent Serosep in supporting the launch of the Interactive Periodic Table Installation!  He had a great time catching up with some members of his Industrial Chemistry Class of 1985! Pictured with Dermot are; Peter Madden, Prof Eoin McCann (retired lecturer at UL) and Billy Walsh of PPI Adhesive Products.


Congratulations to Dr Peter Davern, Course Director for the BSc in Environmental Science – the driving force behind this very successful project! 👏


You can read more about the Interactive display here 👉