Jul 9, 2021
From 1st to 50th site for the EntericBio system

From 1st to 50th site for the EntericBio system, Serosep is proud to serve the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, Truro.

Serosep is pleased to announce the 50th laboratory to use its EntericBio system is the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust, Truro, as it introduces EntericBio into the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory on the 7th May.


The Serosep team achieve another milestone in their mission to support NHS customers improve their enteric testing services and provide faster diagnosis and patient treatments.


Gemma Vanstone, the lead Clinical Scientist for microbiology and laboratory manager at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust comments, ‘Our laboratory processes some 12000 tests per year and with the previous methodology that was based on culturing the organisms, it could take anything from 2 to 5 days to give our clinicians the results they need, which meant our patients were waiting for their diagnoses and treatments.  There have been much improved turnaround times with the EntericBio system, with test results ready in hours rather than days, which means our clinicians can treat our patients more appropriately much faster – we have already been able to reduce the time some patients have spent in hospital by enabling them to return home sooner.


Working with Serosep we really hope to improve the quality of our faecal diagnostic pathways here in Cornwall; we’re in a rural location and we’ve got lots of farming communities in our catchment area, so in particular, we are hoping to improve and provide an enhanced Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) service for our patients and our communities, the Enteric-Bio system will help us achieve that.’


Serosep is proud to have played a part in the improvement of patient care through enteric service provision for microbiologists like Gemma.  Since 1997 Serosep has been innovating to enable better diagnostic solutions for Clinical Microbiology, Histopathology and Environmental Laboratories, we continue this commitment as the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust becomes our 50th site to introduce EntericBio, serving the communities of Cornwall.

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