Feb 9, 2023
International Women & Girls in Science Day


According to the UN, A significant gender gap has persisted throughout the years at all levels of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines all over the world.


However, we are delighted to say, here at Serosep, that is not the case…..  we have always taken a keen interest in empowering women in science.  In fact, 73% of our Scientists are highly accomplished female professionals with scientific backgrounds ranging from Microbiology to Biomedical and Bio/industrial chemistry to R&D and Food Science.  Results from a recent survey conducted amongst our female Scientists show the primary influence for many of them in choosing their career path was the teachers they encountered at primary, secondary and third level.  It just goes to show, how the words and actions of teachers in the Scientific community have such an impact on our younger generation of women in STEM….. when science is made interesting, fun and relative, students will listen, learn and replicate!


Watch our video above to get some insight from our very own female scientists!


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