Apr 21, 2023
Climate Heroes


Serosep employees were delighted to take part in this years Climate Heoes Ducky Challenge.  As Ireland’s first national climate challenge for community groups, we are proud that our employees took part and showed a true commitment to working together to fight climate change and protect our planet.


We are delighted to report that together, they have achieved a remarkable saving of 648 kgCO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) in energy consumption through their active participation in the Climate Heroes Ducky Challenge. This outstanding effort not only showcases their commitment to combating climate change but also highlights the positive impact that collective action can have on the environment.


The Climate Heroes Ducky Challenge, an innovative initiative implemented at Serosep, encouraged employees to adopt sustainable practices to reduce energy consumption within their home and work environments. Eager to contribute to the cause, employees embraced the challenge and implemented a range of energy-saving measures, paying particular attention to minimizing electricity usage! They made a conscious effort to turn off lights and equipment when not in use, optimised heating and cooling systems, and were very thankful for a few days of sunshine to hang out clothes instead of using the dryer!!


While these may seem like small changes, they collectively resulted in cumulative savings of 648 kgCO2e…. a testament to their dedication and the effectiveness of their actions. To put it into perspective, this reduction is equivalent to the carbon sequestered by approximately 7.5 acres of forest in a year. The positive environmental impact of their efforts is substantial and demonstrates the power of collective action in addressing climate change.


The outstanding achievements of Serosep employees serve as a shining example for other organizations and individuals. By actively participating in initiatives like the Climate Heroes Ducky Challenge, it becomes evident that small, everyday actions can lead to significant positive outcomes for the planet. Their efforts emphasize the importance of individual responsibility and collective engagement in creating a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.



🔎 Find out more via www.climateheroes.ie



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