Jan 23, 2024
Serosep & RCSI Partnership
RCSI & Serosep Collaboration



Serosep are delighted to announce our partnership with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) to advance the treatment for ulcerative colitis, a type of inflammatory bowel disease. The collaboration aims to develop new tests to predict disease progression, ensuring patients receive the most effective care while avoiding unnecessary treatments. Currently, there are no biomarkers available to predict disease progression in ulcerative colitis patients, prompting the need for more accurate methods for treatment selection soon after diagnosis.

Dr Sudipto Das and his team at RCSI will work with Serosep to validate specific biomarkers identified in the lab. These biomarkers could potentially predict disease progression, allowing for early intervention and sparing patients from ineffective treatments. The partnership, co-funded by Serosep and the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership Programme, aims to create an in vitro diagnostic solution that can assist clinicians in treatment decisions based on measured biomarkers in tissue and potentially blood samples.

With Serosep’s expertise in the clinical in vitro diagnostic market and the RCSI’s focus on driving improvements in human health through research, the goal of providing personalised medicine to ulcerative colitis patients is finally on the horizon.

Professor Fergal O’Brien, RCSI Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation welcomes the partnership, noting how the goal of personalising treatment will benefit patients. “This partnership will help to move scientific discovery into improved clinical practice, with a tool to help clinicians assess whether it is appropriate to escalate treatment in Ulcerative Colitis patients,” said Professor O’Brien. “As a health sciences university, we are solely focused on research to drive improvements in human health. Harnessing the expertise of both RCSI and Serosep, this collaboration will ultimately see patients get the treatment that will benefit them while other patients will be spared from side-effects of treatment options that would have been less effective, thus promoting personalised medicine in patients with ulcerative colitis.” (Copyright © 2024 GenomeWeb)


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