About Poth Hille

Poth Hille are proud to be one of the market leaders in the manufacture and supply of the high-quality Tissue Embedding Waxes.

Poth Hille have been manufacturing and formulating wax since the 1960’s, allowing for vast experience in the market for highly purified and filtered Histology Grade Paraffin Wax with premium quality additives.

For Poth Hille, the process starts with special Paraffin Wax – the a crucial element in the histology process and as such, our Paraffin Wax is carefully selected for its purity, narrow carbon distribution and crystallin structure. It then passes through a triple filtering process before it is ready to blend into our special histology formulations.

Product's from Poth Hille

Histology Poth Hille
Histology Wax
Poth Hille Histology Waxes are characterised by low resistance to cutting, superb continuity of ribboning and no cracking or tearing on flotation. The special additives provide our Paraffin Wax with greater tensile strength and improved elasticity for sectioning.
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