About Alifax Haematology Instrumentation

Clinical diagnostic instrumentation for laboratory automation


Fully Automated Analyzers for the determination of the Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR Rate)

The Roller 20-PN has a double circuit for automatic and manual sampling along with several other benefits:

• Internal rotor with 20 positions
• 175 μl EDTA blood sample automated withdrawal per test
• 100 μl sample requested in the tube for manual withdrawal
• LCD touch screen
• User-friendly software
• Automatic washing system
• External barcode reader

* Please contact info@serosep.com for further details on the Roller 20PN instrument or to purchase any consumables for your Roller 20PN

ESR_test 1 2.0 TEST 1 2.0

The new and updated Alifax analyzer that allows to test the erythrocyte sedimentation rate and overcomes the majority of the variables and limitations of the classical sedimentation method, thanks to the Capillary Photometry technology.

  • Only 175 μl of analysed sample
  • Up to 120 samples capacity
  • Up to 195 tests/h
  • Continuous loading
  • Tubes loading without barcode alignment
  • INDEPENDENT STAT channel for low volume and urgent sample with external withdraw probe
  • Auto washing system
  • Connection available for Total Lab Automation systems
  • Remote Access
  • Internal camera
  • No maintenance on Operator side
  • Multi-level access with personalised GDPR compliant

While only the Roller 20-PN and Test 1 machines have been displayed here, consumables for both instruments are readily available via Serosep Ltd – giving you the peace of mind that all the items you need are available in the one place!

Alifax products are currently only available in Ireland