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Colorateur Borealys Gram Colorateur Borealys Gram Stainer

The Biocentric stainer is available in various versions for one or two different stains. The Borealys G version automates conventional Gram staining.

This device is an automatic GRAM staining device used for the microscopic determination of GRAM-positive and GRAM-negative germs in swab specimens and other biological material on slides. It is safer, more accurate and faster than the manual staining method.

  • Stains 1 to 20 slides according to actual requirements. Avoid reagent waste!
  • The slides lie in a horizontal position, and are covered in turn by the relevant stain solution. Take action against cross-contamination!
  • Free choice of incubation time and stain solutions. Adjust stains to your requirements!
  • The device automatically conducts the programmed staining process, and dried slides can be read off immediately. Save precious time!
  • Uniform staining, along with automatic checking and warning if the reagent level is low. Reliability thanks to automation and warning system!
  • Automatic or manual tube rinsing, waste fluid is collected. Low-maintenance!
  • Also available as a combination device for two different stain types. Takes up less space than two devices!
  • Closed, secure system with carbon filters. Protect yourself and your employees against harmful substances!

*Please contact info@serosep.com for further details on the Borealys Gram Stainer or to purchase any consumables

DensitomAX DensitomAx, McFarland densitometer

DensitomAX offers you a complete solution for your McFarland suspension preparation. DensitomAX is a compact and efficient bench top densitometer, factory calibrated with our own NaCl test tubes to ensure high accuracy of the results. DensitomAX is designed to measure turbidity in the range of 0.00 to 6.0 McFarland units.

If your laboratory uses different type of tubes, DensitomAX can handle also other tube types (12 mm, 16 mm and 18 mm diameter, round DensitomAX can also be used in other life science applications where turbidity measurements are needed.

*Please contact info@serosep.com for further details on the DensitomAx, McFarland Densitometer or to purchase any consumables

Spin AX SpinAX

The SpinAX dispersing and homogenizing system is made to be used in conjunction with the ProbeAX Evolution disposable tubes.

  • The system is designed to grind patient samples and biopsies such as soft tissue, muscle, cartilage- or bone tissue.
  • Aerosol contamination is prevented by the sealed tubes and additional plastic cover over the sample tube during homogenization.
  • The patented high-speed grinding system generates an accurate dispersing, grinding and homogenization effect.
  • The SpinAX is simple to operate with easy options to set time of homogenization.
  • The system has been designed for maximum comfort and runs silently at <56 dB.

*Please contact info@serosep.com for further details on the SpinAX Grinder or to purchase any consumables for your SpinAX Grinder

*Please Note:
While only a selection of instruments have been displayed here, consumables for all instruments are readily available via Serosep Ltd – giving you the peace of mind that all the items you need are available in the one place!

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