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In 1997 Serosep the company began distributing diagnostics solutions for Clinical Microbiology,
Histopathology and Environmental Laboratories. The knowledge and experience gained over the years of manufacturing and distributing to clinical laboratories has allowed Serosep to understand and
appreciate the struggles and restraints faced by laboratories on a daily base.

All employees have a wealth of clinical and commercial experience. The workforce in Serosep is highly trained, skilled and enthusiastic about assisting our customers worldwide. Serosep has developed a reputation for identifying and recruiting some of the best scientific minds from within the diagnostic markets it serves.

Microbiology Solutions


Serosep’s experience in Laboratory Diagnostics goes back to 1997 when Serosep Ltd started as a distributor providing diagnostic solutions for Clinical Microbiology, Immunology, Serology and Haematology Laboratories



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Histopathology Distribution


Since 1997 Serosep has been a manufacturer and distributor of histopathology products. As a distributor of histology products Serosep realised how important it was to have stable and reliable fixation was and began the manufacturer and distribution of HistoPot

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Immunology Distribution

Founded in Germany in 1987, Euroimmun now ranks amongst the leading manufacturers of medical laboratory diagnostics worldwide. Laboratories in more than 150 countries use EUROIMMUN products for the diagnosis of autoimmune and infectious diseases, allergies and for genetic analyses, as well as software and automation solutions for the performance and evaluation of these assays.

Test methods include IIFT, microplate ELISA, a variety of blot techniques (Westernblot, Euroassay, Euroline, and Euroline-WB), and EUROArray.

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Haematology Distribution

Serosep was the first company to launch a fully automated erythrocyte sedimentation analyser. In excess of 25 such systems have now been installed nationwide. The company is a market leader in the supply of platelet aggregation systems, reagents, and automated viscosity analysers. We offer the Haematologist a range of products from the following manufacturers.


www.alifax.com | www.bensonviscometers.com | www.avantormaterials.com |



Serosep Vetenary Distribution

Serosep is a distributor of IDvet , Bio-X Diagnostics and VMRD in Ireland and in the UK ,supplying immunodiagnostic and molecular tests for the detection and diagnosis of disease in Ruminants, Equine, Avian ,Fish and Swine . IDvet, Bio-X Diagnostics and VMRD are companies that are developing new diagnostic products, so please email info@serosep.com for their most recent product lists or please review their website.

www.id-vet.com | www.biox.com | www.vmrd.com