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Histopot - The Gold Standard in tissue biopsy fixation

Histopot Benefits

HistoPot Biopsy Container Benefits

Established & Strong Brand

Suppling to 95% of the Irish market and export to over 30 countries worldwide.

Excellent Service

HistoPot is manufactured and produced on site allowing for a high speed turnaround time on orders placed.

Competitive Price
Serosep practices and efficiencies allow us to offer a competitive price to our end users and distribution network worldwide.
Quality Control

Serosep ensure that each batch is quality controlled and tested prior to shipment HistoPot is an IVD marked product.

95kPa Pressure Test Approved

Serosep meets the highest exacting standards ensuring each HistoPot container is integrity tested.

Diverse Range of Biopsy Container Sizes

Serosep can provide fixatives in a wide variety of biopsy container sizes ranging from 8ml to 20L, offering peace of mind to the customer that all their formalin is coming from one supplier.

Automated Production Line

HistoPot is manufactured using a fully automated production line. Each HistoPot is tightened to a pre-set torque value and sealed consistently from batch to batch ensuring the integrity of fixative during shipping to our customers ( No leakage of chemicals).


This line has been custom built and designed using the companies own in house engineering expertise. This allows the manufacture of HistoPot to be lean and highly efficient.

CLP Regulations in Place

As an innovative company Serosep are always improving practises and ensuring we continuously work to a high standard.

Dedicated Export Team

Serosep are supplying to over 30 countries worldwide, and we are particularly strong in Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia, Asia and South America.

Customised Label Offering

Customised labels are available allowing names, barcodes etc to be printed in accordance with the customer's requirements.

Meet the Histopathology team

Serosep prides itself on the level of customer service and support it can offer its customers. We have a dedicated team looking after all your histopathology and tissue preservation requirements. Each member of this team has been working in this sector for many years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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