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EntericBio benefits for Microbiology labs

Improved patient
management and
infection control
Logistic Benefits
for Labs
Improved Pathogen
EntericBio Benefits

Lab Productivity Benefits

Turn Around Time
Results available within 3 hours.
Ease of Use
Easy to use set up procedure enabling all levels of staff to perform the test without the need for previous molecular experience.
Test Panels
Extended test menu available for enteric testing covering the majority of the major enteric pathogens all using the same unified setup procedure on a single platform.
Workload Improvements
Negative Screening reduces culturing between 90-95% Positive PCR generated results allow the lab to perform targeted culturing specific to the detected pathogen. High throughput capability of up to 48 samples per run combined with a flexible throughput capacity of 276 samples with an 8 hour working day.
Staff Management
Significantly reduces hands on time on enterics releasing staff to perform other functions.

Improvements to Patient and Public Health Management

Patient Benefits
The rapid turnaround results in three hours compared to 2/6 days allows timely and appropriate patient and infection control management. Having the rapid Verotoxin screening capability has the potential to significantly impact patient outcome especially with patient’s susceptibility to haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS)
Hospital Benefits
The rapid turnaround of results in 3 hours compared with 2/6 days allows timely and appropriate patient, bed and infection control management, potentially generating significant savings at both ward and hospital levels.
Public Health Benefits
The rapid turnaround of results in 3 hours compared to 2/6 days allows timely infection control intervention for community based outbreaks. The current screening method for the detection of Verotoxin producing E.coli focuses on the detection of E.coli 0157 only. It is widely accepted that VTEC outbreak are caused by strains other than 0157 that would be missed using current methods. Therefore the rapid screening for the Verotoxins produced by these organisms is fundamentally a better approach from a public health perspective.

Logistics Benefits for Labs

Waste Management
Reduces culture waste by 88%
Reduced wastage of prepared media products due to short shelf life.
Procurement Management
Simplifies and reduces the ordering of enteric consumables
Storage Management
Reduce the amount of storage and refrigeration space needed for faecal screening consumables by up to 85%
Laboratory Impact
The instrumentation footprint is flexible and does not require any expensive laboratory alterations to implement.

Improved Pathogen Detection

Verotoxin Detection
Having the rapid Verotoxin screening capability has the potential to significantly impact patient outcome especially with potential HUS patients
Improved detection of Shigella infections
Clostridium difficile
The assay can cost effectively replace GDH as the laboratory initial screening test helping streamline the testing algorithm for C.difficile.
Better detection of Campylobacter due to the difficulties that can be associated with culturing these organisms. Many sites now reporting the Campylobacter PCR positive results without having to culture confirm helping reduce the culture workload further.
Cryptosprodium and Giardia

Improved detection of parasites compared to conventional microscopy.